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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Blackpond Street Style

 Name: Ella  How long did it take you to get ready? Not long. Who's fitter Kim Kardashian or Kelly       Brook?(nervous giggle) I dont know who they are!
                   Love Ella's bandana and backpack complete with powerpuff girl keyring.
Name: Hannah  How long did it take you to get ready? 20 mins. Who is fitter Kim Kardashian or Kelly Brook? Neither.
                                        Geek hat specs and even tee complete Hannahs look.
 Name: Lauren   How long did it take you to get ready? 1 hour. Whos is fitter Kim Kardashian or Kelly Brook? Kim.
 Laurens ticks most trend boxes check mac clashing scarf tapestry bag and pastle high tops i salute you.
Name: Jake How long did it take you to get ready? 10 mins. Who do you think is fitter Kim Kardashian or Kelly Brook? Dont know who they are.
               Jake typical teen denim shirt and cap ready for anything...prob some sort of skins party.
 Name: Georgia  How long did it take you to get ready? 10 mins. Favourite fashion designer/icon? Cheryl Cole.
                   Georgie is soooooooo much cooler than chezzer-check these jazzy white tights
 Name:Steph  How long did it take you to get ready? 10 mins im hungover. Favourite fashion designer/icon- Alexander Mc Queen and Vivienne Westwood.
     For a hangover Steph looks pretty fresh too me, damn u young plump skin! ace hair ear and make up.

Introducing Sassy...

SASSY HORSE is hot to trot
SASSY HORSE is my world
SASSY HORSE is a sense of humour
SASSY HORSE is for girls that never got a pony
SASSY HORSE is about fannying and farting about
SASSY HORSE is for collectamaniacs

Dear UK Hygiene....

Hello I'd like to speak to your someone in charge? Sure madam what is it regarding please? Its regarding the lack of hygiene on one of your hygiene machines...

These are a few of my favourite things...

Thursday, 10 March 2011


Eventually spring will be upon us and unless you live like Eddie from AB FAB its more than likey that you were thinking of popping to Primark to pick some bits up if and when it ever gets hot or obviously if your feeling flush H&M. But fear not ladies as i have the answer to instant update via pout power here are my top 20 all time fave lippies,you could say i have a fetish for lippie or that im just a mad spendaholic and collectamaniac but why have just one red lippie when you need 7!
Dior Addict no 214 high shine  -ideal when your necking double hard.
Paul & Joe no-002-  best make up packaging in the world,fact!
Revlon no-415-Pink in the afternoon - this colour is very Raquel Welsh.
Any CLINQUE, i like the frosted 80s ones,divine!
Mac-Pink Plaid-matt-A36-  THE pefect matt shade for spring's current 70s trend.
Mac-Pink Nouyeau-satin-A75 - bubblegum pop pink pow pow!
Barry M-no52 - Cheap common nasty gal pink,neon as.
MUA-shade 3 - classic fushia & only a pound whats not too like?.
Barry M Lip Lacquer Crayon no 2  -a real party pink high shimmer shimmy!
Mac -Girl about Town-amplified-AA9 -name says it best, for this pinky purple to suit all skin types.
Mac-Rebel-satin- AA6- full on purple pout!
No17-New Black-lasting fix lipstick-for when you want to goth in up!
Mac-Ruby Woo-A20- the ultimate classic retro matt red.
Mac-Russian Red-matte- a day or night red instant glamour in a stick!
Mac-Russian Red-lipglass-AB9- Hello lover! sexy non sticky lips to tease.
Mac-Lady Danger-matte- Slut red for harlot hot lips!
Nars-velvet matte lip pencil-forbidden red 2451- a dark browny red very 90s.
Revlon-Raspberry-045- a wine red claret perhaps?
Rimmel-Hot-no 545-again a more browny red think Shannen Doherty aka Brenda Walsh in the orginal 90210.
Barry M-no54- a belle de jour very Rosin Murphy in her music video -You know me better.
ENJOY LADIES (& BOYS) FEEDBACK MORE THAN WELCOME! especially if it improves your pulling technique!
Love Sassy Horse x

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Tuesday, 1 March 2011


Hey fellow fashion police! its finally here a fashion blog that does not take fashion super seriously as it aint rocket science is it? Sassy is for gals & guys with bite! i want banter not just a pretty face.Ok so im gona be covering a multitude of sins such as street style,whats new with me,uk and global fashion,music,what im eating,watching blah blah! ENJOY!
Your pal Sassy-Ral x