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Thursday, 11 August 2011

Before the hoodies attacked...

 Isabella 17 fave item of clothing as a kid? a blue flowery dress fave film? get him too the greek

 Corrienne 25 fave item of clothing as a kid? jeans fave film? pursuit of happiness.
 Siobhan 23 fave item as a kid? cant remember. fave film? girl interupted
 Ellie 18 fave item of clothing? a save the tigers tshirt (i also asked if she had become a vegetarian during this stage she had,so did i,who else was memeber of the body shop save the animals club???) fave film? royal tenenbaums.
 Liz 24 fave item of clothing as a kid? a pair of converse with dinosaurs of them (so even cool as a kid huh liz bet u were kitted out cool even in womb) fave film? Dirty Dancing
TRY THIS AT HOME KIDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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