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Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Tasteful Talons

Listen up punks its bout time we had a chat down the station bout the state of your nails gurls there so narly no need this aint da 90s no more so stop biting and start applying these beauts my #top10 polishes for Summer!
Numero uno- Towel Toy Boy by China Glaze no need to travel to Benidorm for this little number!
No2- Did it on 'em by Nicki Minaj for O.P.I one word SICK and i mean that in a good way.
No3- 304 Mint Green Barry M -so fresh & so clean!
No4- Rainbow Connection from The Muppets Collection by O.P.I - Glitterfuckintastic!
No5- 62 Milano by Mavala if its good enough for Rhianna its good enough for me capisce?
No6- A Grape Fit! O.P.I Lush lilac purple dream.
No7- Woodstock by Urban Decay- Shocking Pink so dont just save it for weekends brighten up your manic mondays.
No8- 15 by Paul&Joe a true jellybean coraly pink delightful like the bottle and packaging.
No9- 754-Braziliant by Essie- The ulitimate colour for tanned toes!
No10- Gstaad by Mavala 80s as style a true pastle shimmer manicure pink,put on long rounded nails.
Now i do hope y'all enjoyed that and do come back real soon y'all!
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