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Tuesday, 12 February 2013

things that are brand new and things from the past

 My best friend for so long,no longer works so if anyone wants to buy me a new walkman i would post a pic of me using it like those girls in sex lies and rinsing guys.
 Having bit of a Bet Gilroy homage at mo- this beaut looks like a Zara clutch but is in fact a tablet cover by Jasper Conran but i rock it out as a bag - also bought gorge leopard print leather gloves from Oasis, skinny belt from Warehouse and heels from H&M so might have to rein it in on leopard print tings from now on.
 If i didnt buy so much crapola accessories especially i swear i would have my own condo and cabana boy by now but alas im a fashion magpie who at this rate will never emigrate to Miami- this lot of loot is from Toppers/Accesorize/RiverIsland/gogo-philip and Twinkles stall at Manchester Arndale Market.
Loads ags no money to put in them- i had een doing sooooooooooooo well re handbag habit then i spotted these beauts all from charity shops so at least my money went somewhere more needed huh? circle of life etc etc.
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